Sittercity Tutors Can Help Nurture Learning

In case you are not aware yet, you can actually also find tutors on Sittercity. We are not talking about sitters who are part-time tutors but actual experienced tutors who can: (1) help your kid prepare for tests; (2) tutor in the subjects of Science, history, reading, math, computers, even engineering; (3) teach and tutor on foreign languages; and (4) teach music and the arts.


The screening and hiring process for tutors on Sittercity is pretty much the same as the process for finding sitters.

The process for finding a tutor is pretty much the same process as searching for a sitter. You might like to check out “How to Find A Sitter On Sittercity” regarding the details on this process.

Parents are responsible for creating the right study habits of their children. As early as the Kindergarten years, parents should already start carving the study habits of the children by spending time with them after school to review and to do homework. Of course, there are times or situations wherein parents are not in a position to help their kids learn due to time constraints, a busy work schedule, or the reality that someone with more specialized knowledge on certain subjects may be a better option to help kids. These are the times when a tutor from Sittercity can come very handy. Also read: Save money on sitters with a promo code.

Nevertheless, it is always a great idea to establish the right study habits for your kids. Here are several ways to this.

  • Choose a specific area in the house where you can help children with their schoolwork. A small nook by the kitchen or a spot in the family room will do as long as the after school work will be contained in the chosen area. This practice establishes order and consistency. More so, it will be easier to locate books, notebooks and school bags if they are all in one space.
  • If possible, help children with homework about two hours after coming home from school. Allowing them to rest, eat, and play after coming home from school can help them relax. In this manner, they can focus on their homework afterwards.
  • Help children prioritize school work or projects needing immediate attention. If homework is due the next day, it is best to focus on that first. If there is enough time and the child is not tired, it is a good idea to start working on some projects that are due in the coming weeks. This teaches the child some time management.
  • Provide the children with the right learning tools such as flash cards, pencils, crayons, art paper, and the like. By having these study tools available, the children will be excited to learn something new.
  • Rewarding the children at the end of study sessions is a good idea as well. Reasonable TV time after homework can be an attractive incentive. A day in the park on weekends can also excite kids to do their homework diligently during school days.
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Parents ought to be creative in instilling study habits for their children at an early age. Eventually as children grow older, they will take the initiative to study on their own. And of course, hiring Sittercity tutors who can help hone your kid’s love for learning may also be one of the wisest decisions that you can make.

Children who start early with the right study habits grow up to be more studious in high school and college, making them more responsible adults.

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Were you aware that Sittecity also offered tutors on their site? Would you be interested in finding tutors on Sittercity? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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8 Responses to "Sittercity Tutors Can Help Nurture Learning"

  1. fcurrey says:

    Wow, it’ll be great to have sitters that can tutor my child as well. I’m so used to hiring my neighbor’s daughter that watches the tv more than she watches my son.

  2. h69P says:

    I have been lucky enough to find some teachers to watch my kids. It’s great because they usually bring some games and activities that stimulate some kind of intelligent thinking with the kids. Such activities take them away from their gadgets at least for the time being.

  3. diedreo10 says:

    What more can I ask for from Sittercity?

  4. cdill says:

    This just shows that you can find high quality babysitters with a service such as Sittercity.

  5. ramona w. says:

    It’s not easy to find babysitters that can tutor as well.

  6. gemmie-d says:

    It’s very hard to find a reliable sitter nowadays. What more some one that can tutor the kids?

  7. sally d. says:

    I was able to hire a babysitter from Sittercity that had some kind of training and certification on child learning. I thought that was quite impressive.

  8. syb-hart says:

    This is one great article. Thanks. I’ve been with Sittercity for quite a while so I know that I can actually hire amazing tutors as well. But I do appreciate your article. 🙂

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